Are the batteries already charged?

Yes, Alba is sold with a state of charge of 100%.
However, before using the cart, we recommend that you recharge the batteries until the charging LED turns green (steady light).

I will not be using my Alba cart for a while. Do I have to take any special precautions?

If you plan not to use your Alba cart for a long period of time, store the batteries in a cool and protected place, at a stable temperature between 10°C and 20°C. Always keep the cart charged; the charger also acts as a battery maintainer to help maintain the life of the batteries. Do not expose the battery directly to sunlight or rain.
For correct storage and use, always refer to the Use and Maintenance Manual.

How much range does the vehicle have?

The vehicle’s range depends on various factors such as the weight of the driver and the load carried in the rear compartment, the type of route you are facing and the environmental conditions.
The maximum range, under optimal conditions, is 60Km.