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Where are Alba carts made?

Alba carts are designed and built entirely in Italy, at the Alba Mobility division of TCN srl, with registered and administrative headquarters in Strada Tagliata, 18 Alba (CN) Italy.

Where can Alba be used?

The currently available Alba versions (GC and TC) come with an EC Declaration of Conformity and can be driven on private roads: in golf clubs, resorts, tourist villages, etc. These versions are not intended for use on public roads.
Our street-legal version, Alba SC, which will be available soon, is suited for use on public roads, provided that the local laws and regulations in force allow it. Stay Tuned!
For more information, please contact your local Dealer.

How much does an Alba vehicle weigh?

Its unladen weight, including batteries, is 550Kg.

Where can I schedule an Alba cart test drive?

Alba vehicles can be tested at our headquarters, at authorised Dealers and at the golf clubs participating in the Alba Mobility Demo Tour. For more information, contact us by filling out the form below.

Where can I buy an Alba vehicle or a fleet of Alba vehicles?

You can buy Alba vehicles by filling out the form below and sending it to our Customer Service Department.

How can I get an Alba vehicle?

Alba is available for purchase, rental or leasing. Contact our Customer Service Department for a custom solution.

Can I customize my Alba vehicle?

Alba comes in different set-ups and colours and has a wide range of accesories. You can configure your custom vehicle here.

What comes as standard with the Alba cart?

The vehicle’s standard equipment includes:
• 220V battery charging cable;
• electromagnetic brake release kit;
• Use and Maintenance Manual.

How can I become an Alba Dealer?

To find out if you meet the requirements to become an authorised Alba dealer, you can request information by filling out the form below.

What if I have more questions about Alba vehicles?

You can request any information on Alba vehicles by filling out the form below.

About my Alba cart

Where can I find the Serial Number of my Alba cart?

The Serial Number, together with other vehicle identification data, can be found on the CE plate affixed to the plastic bulkhead behind the seat.

Where can I find a copy of the Use and Maintenance Manual for my Alba cart?

Each Alba cart is supplied with a printed version of the Use and Maintenance instructions. In case of loss, you can download it here.

Who can I contact to get a spare key for my Alba cart?

You can contact your nearest Authorised Dealer to purchase an additional copy of your key. See the Dealers’ map below.

Who can I contact for technical support and maintenance of my Alba cart?

You can contact our Customer Support Department every weekday from 8:00 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 17:00, by filling out the form below.

How often should I have my Alba cart serviced?

Some components are subject to wear due to normal use of the cart and may require periodic maintenance and replacement. We recommend that you follow the instructions in the Use and Maintenance Manual supplied with your Alba cart. Carry out regular periodic checks based on the frequency of use of your cart and record them on the corresponding table to validate the warranty and allow an efficient use of the vehicle.

How should I wash my Alba cart?

Per la pulizia del veicolo, utilizza un panno imbevuto di acqua e sapone e asciuga accuratamente, evitando la luce diretta del sole. Non utilizzare detergenti aggressivi o solventi che possano danneggiare la verniciatura o il volante. È vietato utilizzare getti di acqua anche a bassa pressione: la componentistica elettrica potrebbe danneggiarsi. Prima di lavare la vettura, controlla che il tappo della presa di ricarica del veicolo e quello della presa di ricarica USB siano correttamente sigillati. Per ulteriori informazioni fai riferimento al Manuale di Istruzioni per l’Uso e la Manutenzione in dotazione.

Clean the vehicle with a cloth soaked in soapy water and allow it to dry completely, avoiding direct sunlight. Do not use aggressive cleaners or solvents that may damage the paint or the steering wheel. Do not use water jets; not even at low pressure: the electrical components may get damaged. Before washing the car, check that the cap of the vehicle charging socket and that of the USB charging socket are properly sealed. For further information, refer to the Use and Maintenance Manual supplied.

How much weight can my Alba cart carry?

The vehicle allows a maximum load of 50Kg inside the rear compartment.

How many passengers can I have in my Alba cart?

The vehicle is designed to transport up to 2 people: a driver and a passenger.

What is the maximum speed that my Alba cart can reach?

In the GC and TC versions, Alba can reach a maximum speed of 30 km/h and can climb a maximum slope of 30%.

How long is the warranty on my Alba cart?

Alba vehicles have a 2-year legal warranty from the date of issue of the purchase invoice.
To benefit of the warranty, please register in the register your Alba section.


Which and how many batteries are installed on an Alba vehicle?

The battery compartment, located under the seat, contains 6 lead-acid batteries of 8V each for a total of 48V. The battery model with which the car is sold is TROJAN T875.
To replace the batteries, contact an authorised service centre.

How much range does the vehicle have?

The vehicle’s range depends on various factors such as the weight of the driver and the load carried in the rear compartment, the type of route you are facing and the environmental conditions.
The maximum range, under optimal conditions, is 60Km.

Do I need an external charger to charge the batteries?

No, Alba is equipped with an on-board charger. It is, therefore, sufficient to connect the vehicle to a regular 220V wall socket using the supplied cable.

I will not be using my Alba cart for a while. Do I have to take any special precautions?

If you plan not to use your Alba cart for a long period of time, store the batteries in a cool and protected place, at a stable temperature between 10°C and 20°C. Always keep the cart charged; the charger also acts as a battery maintainer to help maintain the life of the batteries. Do not expose the battery directly to sunlight or rain.
For correct storage and use, always refer to the Use and Maintenance Manual.

Are the batteries already charged?

Yes, Alba is sold with a state of charge of 100%.
However, before using the cart, we recommend that you recharge the batteries until the charging LED turns green (steady light).

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