Take advantage of the eco-incentives to buy your Alba!

Eco-incentives for urban mobility are back, making available for 2023 a total allocation of 610 million euros for the purchase of non-polluting vehicles, of which 15 million euros are earmarked for electric vehicles in categories L1e to L7e.

For these vehicles, the Ecobonus contribution is Euro 3,000, increased to Euro 4,000 in the case of scrapping a used vehicle of the same category.
The ALBA SC, ALBA CARGO SC and ALBA 4SC models are type-approved light electric quadricycles in categories L6e and L7e.
You can purchase your ALBA with a saving of up to Euro 4,000, which will be discounted directly from the sale price at the time of purchase.

The promotion is valid while funds last, hurry up and contact us at sales@albamobility.it or by phone at 3484271254 to receive free information and free support in choosing the ALBA model you are interested in.