Main features

100% Electric propulsion

Latest-generation, highly efficient 100% electric powertrain. Energy recovery during deceleration and braking for maximum autonomy.

Automatic parking brake

Electromagnetic parking brake with automatic engagement. By releasing the accelerator pedal, the automatic lock prevents cart movement on a slope.

Kinetic energy recovery system

The energy recovery system on release captures excess energy during braking, helping to reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle efficiency.

Self-supporting structural frame

Self-supporting frame with high strength and maximum tension safety in the event of impact and tipping.

Independent suspensions

Independent suspension allows each wheel to move independently of the others, enhancing the vehicle's stability, comfort and adaptability to variable terrain.

On-board battery charger

The integrated charger saves space and time: simply plug it into an outlet to start charging.

Waterproof front hood

Large, lockable compartment in the front bonnet for storing your belongings.

Wide range of batteries to meet the needs of every type of customer

A wide range of batteries to meet every need, offering customised solutions according to specific requirements.

Street legal complete range

A complete range of road-legal vehicles, ensuring regulatory compliance and safety for use on public roads.

Full led headlights

With front and rear LED headlights, high luminous efficiency and long life.

Disk brakes

Disc brakes with high braking capacity and maximum wear resistance.

Technical SPECS

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