Cognac sport style eco leather seats

Sporty styled seats embellished with embroidery add a touch of elegance and distinctive personality.

Beige eco leather seats

A sophisticated option that combines luxury and environmental friendliness for uncompromising comfort.

Anthracite grey eco leather seats

It offers an elegant combination of style and sustainability for a comfortable and environmentally friendly driving experience.

13” Alloy wheel kit

Alloy wheel kit 13” with tires (155-65-13)

12” Iron wheels

12” Tyres (215-35-12)
12” Tyres (215-40-12)
12” Off road tyres (215-35-12)

12” Alloy wheels

12” Tyres (215-35-12)
12” Tyres (215-40-12)
12” Off road tyres (215-35-12)

Luggage / cargo securing net

A net for the body, which is essential to guarantee the safety of the load during transport, reducing the risk of falls and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Rear tonneau cover

A tarpaulin for the box, which is essential to protect the load from weather and damage during transport, ensuring the safety and integrity of the goods.

Curtained aluminum crowning

A tarpaulin bed, a versatile and practical option for protecting cargo from the elements and ensuring safety during transport, offering a reliable and effective solution.

Aluminum box closed with rear shutter

The Alubox, a lightweight and durable solution for transporting and safely storing equipment and materials, ideal for work or travel needs.

Passenger awning

The cockpit awning is a practical and functional accessory to protect occupants from the sun and rain during outdoor activities, ensuring comfort and safety.

Car cover

The car cover is an essential accessory to protect the vehicle from weathering and damage, keeping the bodywork in optimum condition and prolonging its life.

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